Texas School District Closes After Two Junior High Teachers Die From COVID: Report

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The Connally Independent School District sent students home for a week after two of their teachers passed away from coronavirus.

During this COVID-19 crisis, America’s second-largest state in the union’s representatives have argued arduously against mandates. Whether it was social distancing, wearing masks, closing businesses, getting vaccinated, or staying home under quarantine, politicians from Texas have been documented battling it out on Capitol Hill. However, the Delta variant of COVID-19 has swept through the United States and we’re seeing an increase in cases once again.

In Waco, Texas, just 87 miles from Dallas, the Connally Independent School District has decided to temporarily shut its doors after they suffered two tragedies and an influx of new coronavirus cases.

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According to Fox44 News, following the death of a teacher at Connally Junior High School, the second teacher at the school to die from COVID, the district opted to have students learn through remote teaching until September 7. During the closure, the schools in the district will reportedly be “thoroughly [cleaned] and [sanitized].”

“Although they were in the same content area, they were at two different grade levels in two different portions, as far as of the building,” says Assistant Superintendent Jill Bottelberghe. “Any of our staff who’s been identified as close contacts, we ask them to be tested every other day.

Parents across the country have been up in arms as their children return to school and are required to wear masks. Several teachers have taken anti-vaccine and anti-mask stances as well, and many school board meetings have gone viral after videos showing irate and tearful parents have captivated social media.