Video: Gucci Mane “TakeDat”

After a relatively quiet year, bad boy Gucci Mane is back with his new single, “TakeDat”.

Directed by Omar The Director, the accompanying video spots the Atlanta rapper referencing Diddy while recreating scenes from some of The Notorious B.I.G.’s iconic music videos.

“We getting higher than a kite, no Diddy / See my artists double plat, no Diddy / Sipping yak no Diddy / Couple niggas got whacked, but no Diddy,” raps Guwop in the jacuzzi scene from “Big Poppa” before depicting the car chase scene from “Hypnotize”.

“I got the power and respect but no Diddy / The CEO in the video, but no Diddy / ‘Cause I ain’t dancing like a ho, no Diddy / Can’t go out like ‘Pac, no kizzy.”

“TakeDat” is Gucci Mane’s first release of the year following last year’s Choppers & Bricks with B.G.