Renni Rucci Argues With Mother: "You Asked My Sister If I Was On Crack!"

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The pair went at it after the rapper confronted her mother about spreading rumors while simultaneously asking her for money.

Family dynamics are difficult to navigate for people outside of the limelight, but when you’re famous, things can get extra tricky. Renni Rucci has been keeping up with appearances as she travels, collaborates, takes to stages, and works on new music, but she’s letting people see the other side of her life by putting her relationships on display for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. In a recent episode, Rucci goes at it with her mother over alleged lies that have been spread about her.

“I’m finding out you tell people [that] when my kids with you, I don’t send you no money, I don’t help y’all with nothin’, you callin’ askin’ am I on drugs. Like, I’m trying to see what the problem is,” said Renni. Her mother wanted to know who she supposedly called with allegations of drug use and the rapper replied, “You called my sister!”

Renni Rucci
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The two went back and forth over what is and is not the truth. “When you called me, you know what it was about? Sending you some money. You didn’t ask me if I was okay,” said Renni. Her mother claimed that she saw a post online suggesting that Renni was on drugs, but she denied spreading rumors. Renni argued that as a mother if she was concerned, she would have called her directly and asked about it, but she only picked up the phone because she wanted money.

“You called my sister and you asked my sister if I was on crack!” the rapper said. “You know what you was doing. Instead of picking the phone up, instead of getting in the car to come and check on your child, if you was that damn concerned. You didn’t. You called and you gossiped. You didn’t care about me, but the next couple of days, you made sure you text me and say, ‘Hey, can you send me some money for this?’ But you can’t text me to say, ‘I’m worried about you.'”

After Love & Hip Hop shared the clip on social media, there were plenty of responses from the public. Renni jumped into the comment section to speak her mind once more. Check it out below.

Renni Rucci