Pooh Shiesty Wants To Quit Drinking Lean: "My Skin Glowing Since I Been Sober"

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Pooh Shiesty wants to quit drinking lean, telling fans that he’s developed a new mindset in prison.

Prison is meant to rehabilitate criminals and troubled individuals but we all know that it rarely fulfills that purpose. The criminal justice system is flawed in many ways, but some incarcerated individuals make the most of their time while locked up, and it looks like rapper Pooh Shiesty is among those people.

We’ve seen artists including Kevin Gates, Gucci Mane, and others come out of prison with different mindsets before cleaning up their acts on the streets. They made formative changes behind bars and it appears as though Pooh Shiesty is on that same wave. Days after sharing a rare message from prison, the “Back In Blood” rapper posted another update, telling his fans that he wants to permanently quit drinking lean after realizing how much better his skin looks when he’s sober.

Prince Williams/Getty Images

“My skin glowing since I been sober can’t go back to sipping lean,” wrote Shiesty on Instagram. “My mindset got different, I’m in prison before I’m sentenced they don’t even kno the life det I’m Living Dey trynna paint the pic of a menace… FreeTheBiggest.”

Pooh Shiesty has been locked up for half of this year, getting arrested in the summer. He is reportedly facing life in prison. Free Shiesty.

Screenshot via @poohshiesty on Instagram