Packers & Ravens Fans Get Into Bloody Brawl: Watch

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Fans are out of control this season.

With the NFL playoffs drawing closer, fans are getting a little bit antsy in the stands. Of course, the stakes are higher than they’ve been all season, and a result, there is a lot of passion shining through. Unfortunately, that passion isn’t always channeled in the healthiest of ways. Throughout the season, we have seen a lot of fights in the crowd, and overall, it hasn’t been very fun for the security staff who have to deal with all of the carnage.

Over the weekend, the Packers defeated the Ravens in Baltimore, and the score was very close. With the tensions of the game mounting, fans got a little too into it, and it eventually led to a bloody brawl that had some fans in tears.


Patrick Smith/Getty Images

As you can see in the clip below, Packers and Ravens fans begin to shout at each other, and it leads to a massive brawl in which bodies are flying everywhere. Punches are thrown and one fan’s head become smeared in blood. It was a pretty shocking turn of events, and one woman was left in tears as she had been accidentally struck.

Some security guards came into to diffuse the situation, however, it was too chaotic to really get everything calmed down. It’s a scene we have seen a lot of this year, and the NFL still hasn’t been able to do anything about it.

It remains to be seen if any of these fans will be receiving lifetime bans.