YK Osiris Offering $60K Reward For Lost Earring

Mike Cappola/Getty Images

YK Osiris is offering a $60K reward for anyone who finds his lost earring worth $325K.

YK Osiris has been at the center of a few jokes for the past few weeks over his poor money management and CLB-style haircut. Last month, Lil Baby put some fire under him over a few thousand that he owed the Atlanta rapper while shopping for jewelry. To make things worse, he was then caught on camera performing his smash single “Worth It” for Drake to pay off another debt.

It seemed like the young rapper was struggling with his finances until he dropped $325K on a pair of earrings. Back in November, he showed the appraisal amount of the earrings and disclosed the hefty price tag. Osiris considered the purchase to be “the best investment I ever made”. The artist came under fire by the likes of Chad Ochocinco for this extravagant, yet unnecessary purchase. Ochocinco has openly admitted to wearing fake jewelry during his time in the NFL. “I got the same earrings for $10 from Claire’s,” Ocho tweeted. Osiris clapped back over the purchase, boasting about his wealth but is now eating his words.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Osiris ran to IG and revealed that he lost one of the earrings. “Please if anybody finds my other earring, can u return them please,” the rapper pleaded on IG. He has since spoken to The Shade Room in another effort to recover the lost earring. He’s now offering a cool $60,000 reward to anyone who finds the missing jewelry. Maybe the young artist will take this loss as a lesson learned and make better financial decisions in the future.