Vincent Poag Sets The Bar High With A New Album Called Masquerade

Vincent Poag’s latest album opens with “Barcelona”, a song with lovely Spanish guitar and fascinating rhythms, praising the passionate nature of the music and the beauty of a dancing lady. “By the end of the night I would follow this girl anywhere,” goes the lyrics, continuing to tell a story of love of “beguiling beauty”. The song’s main message is to be brave and free and Vincent Poag certainly gets his point across. 

“In The Jungle” is another beautiful song from Masquerade that begins with intriguing cello strings that create a sense of secrecy. Vincent Poag goes on to paint a picture of a jungle with all of its large and small animals who each do whatever is necessary to survive. “…be ready for attack, care about your future – better watch your back,” he says. The original jazzy twists during the chorus perfect the song.

“How Lucky I Am” and “America” are two more fantastic songs included in the album which already has hundreds of thousands of views. The New York-native artist has harboured love for music since childhood and has honed his talent for years. His most popular releases include “This Christmas” which has over 3 million views, “Stress” with over 2 million plays on YouTube and more. 

Vincent Poag’s music is far from mainstream. It is authentic, unpretentious, real and moving. Beautiful melodies are intertwined with deep and thoughtful lyrics and it is simply impossible to remain indifferent as a listener. 

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