Tyron Woodley Provides Update On "I Love Jake Paul" Tattoo

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Tyron Woodley’s wager with Jake Paul is looming large.

Just a couple of weekends ago, Tyron Woodley and Jake Paul took part in a boxing match that saw Jake come away as the winner. Heading into this fight, the two had a unique wager on the table as the loser would have to get the winner’s name tattooed on them. For instance, Woodley would have to get an “I Love Jake Paul” tattoo, which Paul explained was a necessary endeavor if Woodley wanted a rematch.

Since that time, Woodley has yet to get the tattoo, and Paul is chastising him for it. In a new interview with TMZ, Woodley is actually placing the blame on the likes of Tatu Baby, who was on hand specifically to give a tattoo to the loser. Woodley claims he stuck around for a while after the match, but she never showed up.

Tatu Baby

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“I wasn’t willing, I was waiting,” Woodley said “We was in the basement of the hotel waiting, no food, up late, looking stupid. Nah, it was not willing, it was waiting. I was waiting on him to follow through with they end of the deal.”

Tatu Baby told TMZ that she left an hour after the fight because she felt as though neither fighter actually wanted to get tattooed. Simply put, it was all just one big misunderstanding.

Tyron Woodley

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Woodley went on to say that he would like to get the tattoo on his knuckles “so when I punch him in the face, he’ll see how much I love Jake Paul. I’m gonna put these knuckles all across his little temple and that big ass jawline.”

Only time will tell whether or not Woodley actually gets the tattoo or simply puts it off as Jake looks to fight other people.