Tom Brady Has One Request For Elon Musk Amid Offer To Buy Twitter

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Tom Brady needs a photo removed from the record.

Elon Musk just put in a huge bid to buy Twitter. In fact, Musk is trying to buy the company for $41 billion, although for now, it doesn’t seem like he will be successful in acquiring the company. Musk believes his offer is well over the company’s actual value and that the shareholders would be in for massive profits if he were to buy them out. For now, some believe this is just one big pump and dump scheme, while others truly believe he is looking to change Twitter for the better.

With the possibility of Musk acquiring Twitter on the horizon, some people are already trying to suggest new features to the billionaire. Of course, the first thing on Musk’s list is an edit button, however, Tom Brady has another big idea on his mind, albeit a selfish one.

Tom Brady

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

“If you buy twitter can you delete the combine photo?” Brady asked Musk. Of course, Brady is talking about the infamous photo from the year Brady was drafted. The photo depicts Brady in a pretty unathletic light, and fans always use it as a way of showcasing just how far Brady has come as not just an athletic specimen, but a football player as well.

Unfortunately for Brady, this photo is going to remain online for all eternity. If he wants it erased from the record, well, he better start acquiring the funds to buy the entire internet as we know it.