Steve-O Reflects On "Jackass Forever" Dispute: "I Handled It Poorly & I’ll Own It”

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Steve-O has admitted that he handled his recent dispute with Johnny Knoxville poorly.

Steve-O has admitted that he handled his dispute with Johnny Knoxville “poorly” and that he’ll own it. Steve-O had publically complained about the contract he was offered to appear in the upcoming film, Jackass Forever, during negotiations.

“I was in disbelief when I learned that Knoxville was trying to make a fourth Jackass movie after an entire decade of inactivity with the Jackass brand. The contracts have never been fun but this time around, it was even less fun,” Steve-O explained during a new interview with Variety. “I felt that over the last 10 years that I’d really worked extremely hard to build momentum for myself as a brand in my own right. I wanted to retroactively stick up for myself. Over the course of Jackass, I had never so much as countered. I never pushed back. I built myself up. I deserved more now because I worked for more. When my entertainment attorney says ‘OK, go for it,’ then I’m going to go for it.”

Steve-O, Jackass
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He added: “I don’t even feel bad about it, because I handled it poorly and I’ll own it.”

Steve-O and Knoxville eventually got back on good terms with eachother. Steve-O says he called him up and admitted that he had handled everything poorly.

“I said, ‘Hey, I want to acknowledge the way I handled the whole contract situation — it was fucking bullshit, man.’ I called to acknowledge it, and just put it out there that I was wrong and wanted to make it right,” he continued. “It was the most healing conversation that he and I had ever had. I felt emotional about it.”

Jackass Forever is set to premiere on February 4.