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Smeethan Strikes A Chord With “Soul Symphony” Delivering A Moving Musical Experience

Smeethan recently released “Soul Symphony,” a new single with a strong environmental message. The singer-songwriter, who is passionate about the environment and its preservation, believes that our connection to nature is essential for our survival as a species. His latest track draws inspiration from the natural world, incorporating elements of nature to raise awareness about environmental issues and encourage listeners to take action towards greater sustainability. 

In an interview, Smeethan explains that the inspiration behind “Soul Symphony” comes from the natural beauty of the world. He emphasizes that our ability to live in harmony with the planet is coming to a crossroads, and we need to choose between innovating and improving our impact on our environment or succumbing to the fate of the wolf that hunts all its prey. He knows that it is becoming more evident that action needs to be taken to survive and thrive in the future. 

The musician chose to use the sounds of nature to illustrate just how beautiful the world can be and layered the sounds of birds, animals, wind, thunder, and rain on top of the bass and piano notes to create an atmosphere and a story. In the music video for “Soul Symphony,” Smeethan features breathtaking footage of nature and wildlife to immerse the audience in the feelings of serenity and awe. 

With “Soul Symphony,” Smeethan points out that artists have a responsibility to use their platform to inspire people, but what they choose to do in their life represents what they believe and value, either consciously or unconsciously. 

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