Picture of Peg Luke Love Lifted Me

Peg Luke Sets Sail On A Soul-Stirring Odyssey With “Love Lifted Me”

Unveiling her latest musical masterpiece, “Love Lifted Me,” Peg Luke, the renowned flutist, and pianist with multiple solo performances at Carnegie Hall, joins forces with acclaimed producer Dean Miller to deliver an enchanting new single. As a Grammy and Emmy-nominated musician, she explores the realm of salvation and redemption, embarking on an introspective journey with a release that serves as a transformative experience that spreads a sense of positivity and serenity.

Peg’s exquisite melodies and angelic voice whisk listeners away to a heavenly realm. “I was sinking deep in sin/ Far from the peaceful shore/ Very deeply stained within/ Sinking to rise no more/ But the Master of the sea/ Heard my despairing cry/ From the water lifted me/ Now Safe am I/ Love lifted me/ Love lifted me/ When nothing else would help/ Love lifted me/ Love lifted me/ Love lifted me/ When nothing else would help/ Love lifted me,” sings Luke, casting a spell of transcendent beauty upon all who hear it.

James Rowe penned the heartfelt lyrics in 1912, skillfully paired with Howard E. Smith’s beautiful composition. Now, Peg Luke lends her remarkable vocal and flute talents, infusing the arrangement with her unique artistic style. Inspired by the biblical stories found in the book of Matthew, where Jesus and his disciples braved a tempestuous sea, the poetic verses metaphorically compare the dangers of sinking in water to the challenging endeavor of overcoming sin.

“Love Lifted Me” stands as a remarkable addition to a stunning array of singles. Among these gems are soul-stirring pieces like “The Lord’s Prayer,” “God Will Be My Peace,” “The Greatest Gift,” and “I Am Home, Lord.” For Luke, the creation of music that resonates with the infinite love of God is not merely a passion; but a sacred vocation. Peg’s resolute dedication infuses every note she plays, reflecting her unwavering optimism towards life’s boundless possibilities.

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