Riot for Romance Unburdens From Toxic Worldviews In Upcoming LP

Known for their authentic interpretations and unique tracks that blend post-punk, shoegaze, post & alt-rock, Jason Hansen, Brett Miotti, and Kelly Nunn of Riot for Romance, have been impressing audiences and critics alike with their self-titled EP, featuring singles like “The World And Its Weight” and “Less For Regret.” The American trio also recently shared “Karma Police,” a cover of Radiohead’s much-loved songs.

Trying to be as transparent as possible with their listeners, the band members make sure that their music sends a meaningful message and gives people a sense of belonging. Riot for Romance wants to convey the feeling that people are not alone in their fights and struggles, and that everyone is on the same ride.

The band’s frontman, Jason Hansen, confirmed in a recent interview that Riot for Romance is preparing for a new album. “We are stoked for sure. The songs we have in motion all build on our first release taking this new LP through a natural progression.  With “Less For Regret” being one of the last songs written and recorded on our self-titled release, I think that one gives the best launching point for the upcoming songs,” revealed the musician.

He added: “Sonically, I’m using a couple of different amps and guitars, so the layering and atmosphere will range from cleaner tones like we did on “Karma Police” to some more saturated tones. Our synth and keys will cut through more at times too. Thematically, lyrics are circling around this idea of unburdening ourselves from some of the toxicity of worldviews that we’ve been handed and exploring how we are forming our own identities.”

Earning recognition and success on radio and streaming charts, Riot for Romance continue to create a connection between their listeners and the struggles depicted in their tracks. With the ultimate goal of instilling a sense of empowerment and resilience, Hansen, Miotti, and Nunn keep pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo with tracks like “Less For Regret,” “The World And Its Weight,” and “Karma Police.”

Listen to Riot for Romance’s music below: