Jade Latrice Takes Bold Decisions In Latest Single “The More”

Jade Latrice is rapidly gaining recognition in the music industry for her extraordinary talent and captivating rhythms, particularly through her latest release, “The More.” Finding inspiration in icons like Beyoncé, Rihanna, Aaliyah, and Lauryn Hill, the fast-emerging artist infuses her R&B and hip-hop tracks with a mix of soulful melodies, upbeat rhythms, and other genre influences.

Latrice shows off her artistic versatility in “The More,” crafting a compelling storyline and relatable message that resonates with her fans. The song explores the notion that life can steer individuals in different directions, whether it be pursuing personal aspirations or leaving for college. It underscores the importance of maintaining valued relationships and not letting them slip away, even as one continues to pursue personal growth.

Crafted with finesse by Makeba Riddick-Woods of Young Dreamers Agency and Cheo Green of Vector Management, the music video for “The More” evokes a positive sentiment that aligns with the song’s essence. The video instantly forges a deep connection with its audience, thanks to its honest and relatable portrayal of the challenges and experiences encountered in life.

“The More” is a striking indication of her artistic evolution and emotional vulnerability. With her upcoming EP slated for release this summer, Latrice promises to reveal a more intimate side of herself, featuring a blend of lively beats and soul-stirring tunes that showcase her distinctive sound. 

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