Quentin Miller Recalls Meek Mill Fight, Blames Nicki Minaj

Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

Quentin is back, and has something to say.

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from Quentin Miller.

Aside from his strong pen game, the Atlanta rapper became known as the man behind the Drake ghostwriting controversy of 2015. Following the controversy, Quentin took time off to deal with personal life issues, including having his foot amputated after a bad car accident. These days, the 32-year old artist is focused on his own music and doesn’t talk much about DrakeMeek Mill or any of the parties involved in the infamous “Back To Back” beef — until now. 

During a sit down with Rory & Mal, Quentin recalled the time he was approached by Meek’s Dreamchasers crew in Los Angeles, which lead to him getting beat up for not confirming that he was Drake‘s ghostwriter. “They come into the store. He says all his s*** like, ‘You making me look crazy,’” Miller shared. “He’s like, ‘I can tell you ain’t on no street shit, so I ain’t gon do nothing.’ So I’m like, ‘Iight.’ And he just does a quick turnaround. I’m thinking we good and his man’s came back in with the camera.” 

The “Stuck Up” rapper says Nicki Minaj, who was Meek’s girlfriend at the time of the incident, is the one to blame for the fight. Quentin claims it was the “Super Freaky Girl” rapper that put the battery in Meek’s back to fight him, suggesting that she told the Dreamchasers frontman, “Nah, run that.” “Listen, I’m a Nicki fan,” Quentin added. “my daughter’s a Nicki fan, but that was f**** up, man! If that was the case… Just finding that out, that hurt even more. Like I’ve never had a conversation with this lady, why she doing that?”

Six years later, and not much has changed since the Drake vs. Meek debacle. The 6 God and Dream Chaser have rekindled their friendship, Nicki and Drake are on good terms and Quentin is back to making music he loves. See what else QM had to say below.