Pnpmar’s Recent Releases “Pain” And “Fire” Will Make You Face Your Own Demons

Singing of betrayal and depression in his new tracks symbolically titled “Pain” and “Fire,” Pnpmar makes you meet your own demons. With straightforward lyricism, heavy beats, groovy soundscapes and soulful performances, the rapper destroys all boundaries holding him and the audience back from a total emotional collapse. In “Pain,” he opens up his heart and shows his wounds with an inspiring honesty, and in “Fire,” he fires up in anger busting out all he had to say to those who betrayed him in the past. 

He is fed up with always being emotionally tested by those close to him and uses that challenge to prove them wrong. “Fire” was inspired by Eminem, and you can definitely sense his influence on the artist’s mannerism. Still, it is already quite obvious that Pnpmar has a clearly developed style of rapping and songwriting.