Pat Stay's Partner Malyssa Finds Engagement Ring After His Death

Isaiah Trickey / Contributor / Getty Images

Following the battle rapper’s murder, Malyssa claims she went through his things and found the exact ring she told him she wanted.

Earlier this month, Hip Hop was shaken by the news of Pat Stay’s death. The beloved battle rapper was said to have been outside of the Yacht Club Social in Halifax, Nova Scotia around 12:30 a.m. when an altercation occurred. It was reported that Stay was stabbed before being transported to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. Within days, investigators came forward to reveal that this was not a random attack, and two days after that, a suspect was reportedly arrested.

GoFundMe was launched in Stay’s honor to help aid his partner, Malyssa, and his family. On social media, Malyssa, who goes by Malu on TikTok, has been quietly sharing her grief, but in a recent update, she revealed that following Stay’s death, she found an engagement ring.

In a video, Malyssa asserted that she never cared about being married, but it was something that Stay wanted to do.

“Pat cared about it, he cared about it a lot,” she said. “He told me all the time that I was gonna be his wife and I believed him. So, as he started to talk about it more, I said I guess I’ll show him a ring that I liked… I don’t care about diamonds and I just rather have that kinda money for something more important, but I do love gemstones.”

She showed the ring that she told Stay she wanted, a moonstone. It was a year ago that they had this conversation, said Malyssa, but she hadn’t thought anything of it until he passed. It was about two days after he died that she began going through his things and said she found the exact engagement ring that she picked out.

“I don’t know if it could be any more perfect,” Malyssa said with the ring on her finger.

We continue to send our sincerest condolences. Check it out below.

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