OJ Simpson Gets Ruthlessly Rejected By Young Woman, Twitter Reacts

Jason Bean-Pool/Getty Images

OJ Simpson was the subject of jokes last night.

Ever since OJ Simpson was released from prison a couple of years ago, he has been the subject of internet scrutiny thanks to his provocative Twitter account. The former NFL running back can be heard giving his opinions on fantasy football, pop culture, politics, and a whole host of other topics. Whenever he delivers a new take, you can pretty well guarantee that the comments will be filled with murder references or some sort of dumb joke that has been said a million times in regards to OJ.

Recently, however, Simpson gave people a whole new reason to cringe and laugh at him. In a TikTok posted by mackenziegd1998, OJ can be seen dancing with a young woman. While it seems innocent enough at first, OJ then proceeds to try and kiss her, which does not go well for him as she immediately clocks the attempt and dodges all while cringing from what just transpired.

The clip was picked up by various Twitter aggregators where it then went viral. As you can imagine, the comments were pretty brutal as many commenters expressed concern for the women’s safety. Some other clever jokes were thrown into the mix, but they mostly all had to do with his murder case from the mid-90s, which he was eventually acquitted from.

You can check out what fans had to say about the whole thing, down below.