NLE Choppa Reacts To Ex-GF's Tearful Video: "I Do Not See Me Being Just Loyal To You"

Paras Griffin / Stringer / Getty Images

Marissa shared an emotional video where she couldn’t believe they were over, but the 19-year-old rapper says he told her what it was from the jump.

It felt like just yesterday that NLE Choppa was boasting about his girlfriend and tweeting about her armpits, but these days, he’s living the single life. Rappers’ relationships come and go, and often, those breakups unfold on social media. After Choppa revealed that he’s now a single man, most thought that was the end of relationship updates, however, his ex later shared a tearful video where she expressed just how heartbroken she was over the split.

Marissa DaNae explained that she didn’t forecast this being her life when she was happy just last week. The sorrowful clip garnered mixed reactions, and today (September 16), Choppa returned with an interesting response to his ex.

I don’t see myself at this time period with me being 19 years old, with me having not experienced my twenties and all this stuff, I do not see me being just loyal to you,” said the rapper. “In the beginning, I told her, I said, ‘Yo, I’m a loyal individual, but I cannot, I can’t sit here and lie to you and say if I be with you, you the only person I’ma have sex with,’ or ‘You will be the only partner.'”

He claimed that Marissa said it was “different,” but went along with the relationship anyway. Choppa thought he “found [his] match” because she agreed to his roaming lifestyle, adding tha he also told her that he doesn’t see himself having only one wife. Marissa was said to have been “big on marriage,” so Choppa wanted to be forthright.

“No disrespect, Marissa was willing to give up all of these things that she felt that she was gonna get from just, out of life,” he stated. “I feel like she was with me in a sense of hoping I grew out of it. She was willing to do everything. Did she want to do it? Her mind and her heart wanted to do it, but her soul, that was not what her soul wanted.”

He said he felt “wrong” about it, adding, “That’s why I left.”

Watch NLE Choppa explain his side of the story below.