Ksoo's Father Justifies Snitching On Him: "Who Leave Their Daddy In Jail To Rot"

Ian Waldie / Staff / Getty Images

Abdul Robinson Sr. says that if it were his dad, he “would’ve been freed along time ago NO MATTER WHAT MY CONSEQUENCES WOULD’VE BEEN.”

If learning that your father planned on testifying against you wasn’t enough, Ksoo is now confronted with what has been shared online. The rapper is facing a series of charges, including two first-degree murder counts, and we recently reported that his father, Abdul Robinson Sr., agreed to turn State’s witness. The pair were arrested back in 2020 after police claimed they shot another rapper, Lil Buck, before fleeing the scene and committing a home invasion.

The news of Sr. testifying against his son has become a hot debate in Hip Hop, and he recently shared a social media post defending his actions.

“If it was me and my Daddy (Shaka tip) in a situation like this, I would’ve been freed my daddy along time ago NO MATTER WHAT MY CONSEQUENCES WOULD’VE BEEN(no justification needed),” wrote Sr. “Especially if he’s a good/great daddy(datpart) He could do more for me out of jail than in jail/prison!!!! WHO LEAVE THERE DADDY IN JAIL TO ROT??? ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU KNOW HE INNOCENT.”

Sr. continued, “I would’ve been stood up and said my daddy ain’t got a F*CK thing to do with nothing!!! You n*ggas and b*tches out in that free world talk that talk out there until its time to walk that walks FACING THAT LIFE SENTENCE!!!!!. #FreeGood/GreatDads #yeaiknyallnvrdo.”

People haven’t accepted this explanation with open arms, and Sr. has been criticized for using the “good father” trope to secure his son’s inevitable fate. Check it out below and let us know where you stand on this one.