Kodak Black & JackBoy Get Into Screaming Match On Instagram Live

Rich Fury / Staff / Getty Images

The former friends have been at each other for months hurling accusations and insults.

Jay-Z spit bars about the family feuding, but Kodak Black and JackBoy don’t seem to care about any of that at the moment. These two have been at odds for months and their tension only seems to be growing as they take their grievances to social media. The Florida artists were once close, often bragging about one another and sharing photos showing them together online, but on Friday (August 27) evening, Kodak and JackBoy met on Instagram Live for an explosive argument that has gone viral.

According to Kodak, he was *thisclose* to NBA YoungBoy signing to Sniper Gang, that is until JackBoy allegedly hacked his account and began sharing negative posts about the incarcerated rapper. Those posts have caused Kodak and YoungBoy to be divided, and Kodak insists it was all JackBoy’s fault.

JackBoy has denied those accusations and has not hesitated when it comes to addressing the gossip, so it is unsurprising to see these two share an Instagram Live screen. The two yelled at each other as JackBoy challenged Kodak to answer if he had his Instagram password. Kodak couldn’t get a word in and soon, JackBoy dropped his foe from the Live. Kodak wasn’t finished and took his thoughts to the comment section.

Kodak told JackBoy he “made him,” an assertion that the latter rejected. It doesn’t look as if these two will resolve this tonight, but fans are hoping that reconciliation comes sooner than later. Swipe below to catch the latest between these two.