Kevin Durant Is Already Seeing Some Atrocious Hot Takes

Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Kevin Durant has been keeping track of the basketball takes on the timeline.

Kevin Durant is one of the best players in the NBA and heading into this season, he has a lot to deal with. The Brooklyn Nets are trying to win a championship and with Kyrie Irving out of the lineup, KD is now going to have to carry the load alongside James Harden. It should make for a very interesting dynamic, especially as the Nets look to fix up their point guard situation which is in a very bad place right now.

Regardless, Durant has always been one of those players who likes to engage on social media, and he is well aware of the hot takes that are circulating prior to the season. In fact, KD took to Twitter tonight where he acknowledged that things are starting to get out of control.

Kevin Durant

Sarah Stier/Getty Images

“Season bouta start, I see shitty hoop takes everywhere,” Durant said. Bad takes on the cusp of an NBA season should never be a surprise. In the preseason, the media tends to overreact to poor-performing teams. Case in point, the Lakers are 0-6 right now, and some think this is indicative of how the season will go. Needless to say, these are the kinds of takes KD is talking about.

With the Kyrie situation going down, KD will probably have to deal with a lot of hot takes this season, and they won’t slow down anytime soon. Hopefully, he’s prepared, because it could ramp up very quickly.