Karl-Anthony Towns Reacts To Kyrie Irving Anti-Vaxx Stance: "That's Your Choice"

Sarah Stier / Staff / Getty Images

Towns lost his mother and several loved ones to COVID-19, but he respects a person’s personal decision to not get vaccinated.

For those keeping up with what has been going on in the sports world, Kyrie Irving has been dominating headlines. The Brooklyn Nets baller has become the topic of discussion as his choice to remain unvaccinated has been debated. Sports leagues are cracking down on players who remain unvaccinated as mandates around the country shift the way companies do business. It has been determined that Irving will sit out home games for the time being and he may not be able to play in certain states, depending on the regulations.

Irving recently took to Instagram Live to defend his position and to let people know that he does not have any plans to retire. In a recent interview with Minnesota Timberwolves center Karl-Anthony Towns, the basketball star revealed to NJ.com that he supports people’s rights to choose.

Towns not only lost his mother to COVID-19 complications but several other family members and loved ones, as well.

“I’m obviously a strong believer in the vaccine,” Towns said. “I’ve been through so much and it would be kind of contradictory to not be on the pro-vaccine side… But what I will say is that I believe in choice and I like to give people their choice and I have no problem with people having their choice.”

He believes Americans have the right to refuse the vaccine, however, he was against how people are going about making excuses.

“They make their own decisions on their own bodies and their own families. I have no ill will towards that. The only thing I would say is just don’t give me a bullsh*t excuse why [you choose not to get vaccinated],” said Towns. “You don’t want to do it, that’s your choice.”