Kehlani & 070 Shake Spark Dating Rumors

Rich Fury/Getty Images

Kehlani and 070 Shake have been engaged in conversations on social media as of late, and fans think they’re dating after they posed for a cute photo together.

Kehlani hasn’t had the best luck with love in the past as fans have watched several of her relationships crumble before their eyes. The famous singer has been romantically involved with Kyrie Irving, PARTYNEXTDOOR, YG, and a few others, and most recently, fans have fallen under the impression that she’s dating another star in the music world: 070 Shake.

Known for her collaborations with Kanye West and her must-listen debut studio album Modus Vivendi, 070 Shake has noted in the past that she doesn’t place labels on her sexuality, but she admitted that she likes women. She uses female pronouns when describing her lovers in her music. Kehlani recently came out as lesbian earlier this year, previously identifying as queer. 

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It has not been confirmed that the two are dating, but they have exchanged a few messages on social media. Most recently, they posed for a picture on Instagram and got pretty close, furthering fan-made narratives about the nature of their relationship. In the picture, Shake appears to stick her tongue out and lick Kehlani on the cheek.

Last month, 070 Shake retweeted one of Kehlani’s newest music videos to her feed, which she rarely updates. A few weeks later, she tweeted another post from the singer, this time amplifying one of her photos to her followers. 

Shake is presently in album mode, working on her sophomore studio album You Can’t Kill Me Because I Don’t Exist. We will keep you posted as more information comes out about her rumored relationship with Kehlani.

Photo via Instagram/Lipstick Alley