Jason Derulo Punches Man Who Heckles Him With Usher Mention: Report

Neville Hopwood / Stringer / Getty Images

A video shows a man reportedly telling Derulo, “Hey Usher! F*ck you, b*tch!” before the singer jumped into action.

There was a scuffle in Las Vegas after hitmaker Jason Derulo swung on two random men who yelled at him. Although few details have been shared regarding what led up to the fight, the public has been struggling with the explanation given by TMZ. The outlet shared a video of the interaction which occurred at the popular celebrity favorite ARIA Resort & Casino early Tuesday (January 4), showing Derulo being heckled by two men who ended up on the receiving side of the singer’s attack.

Reports state the things kicked off while Derulo was on an escalator where he passed two men who yelled out to him, “Hey Usher! F*ck you, b*tch!”

Jason Derulo
Lisa Lake / Stringer / Getty Images

It’s unclear why this seemed to set Derulo off, but he quickly acted and hit one of the men in the face. As that man dropped to the ground, Derulo is accused of slapping a second man before security jumped in to calm the ruckus. TMZ reported that neither of the men decided to press charges, but if they wanted to in the future, Derulo could be hit with a lawsuit.

The purported victims also reportedly refused medical care for either of their injuries, but they were allegedly seen bleeding. Derulo has yet to publicly address the incident, but he was escorted off of ARIA’s property. Because Derulo is known for trolling the public with his social media videos, some have accused him of staging this event for popularity, however, that has not been substantiated.

Watch the clip for yourself below.