Explore Nasser’s Newest Single “One More Chance?”

Nasser came out with a new single called “One More Chance?” which is a beautiful, charming song that will steal everyone’s hearts away. Simple yet sophisticated, it is in essence a self-discovery journey written by Nasser and produced by Brian Baso and Doug Woodrow. 

Earlier this year Nasser released “Feel This” and “I’m Fine” which are both beautiful, emotional songs, reflections of Nasser’s charisma and personality. In his songs, Nasser blends pop, r&b, hip-hop and electro into a vibrant mixture that one cannot help but fall in love with. 

After the recent, unexpected loss of his mother, Nasser began exploring life’s many dichotomies through his music: love and loss, strength and vulnerability, hope and uncertainty. His art is definitely filled with emotion and authenticity that the audience easily connects to. 

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