Emerging Hip-Hop Star Rowe Rowe Knows How To Make Spotify Playlists Go Viral: Chill Vibes

21-year-old LA-based emerging rapper Rowe Rowe recently made the headlines for dropping the collective Spotify playlist Chill Vibes he curated. The release is home to 431 music pieces Rowe Rowe got from diverse up and coming representatives of Hip-Hop music’s new generation. He appreciates collaborating and growing together with other artists mentioning, “No industry is an easy way in, but it’s crucial and necessary to grow together, not compete or push others down. As artists, we collectively have that dream of being known and seeking fame, but in this new digital age, it’s about who you know and being authentic, making a change in the game. You have to work for the collective, not just for your self-interest.” 

Rowe Rowe announced open submissions for others to present their music for his playlist, and was amazed to see the number of responses he got from many talented and creative artists. The music he produces contends with themes of joy, struggle, and perseverance. His music offers complex interpretations of the contemporary American city-life.