Drake Gets In His Bag While Hooping At His Mansion Court

Cole Burston/Getty Images

Drake continues to improve his game.

Drake is one of the biggest basketball fans in the entire hip-hop world. In fact, he loves his hometown Toronto Raptors so much that he is even their ambassador. Drake can be seen sitting courtside at almost every single Raptors game and whenever he shows up, you know it is going to be a party in which he certainly makes his presence felt.

Having said that, Drake also likes to play the sport. As many of you know, Drake currently has a basketball court set up inside of his mansion and it is a pretty impeccable setup. He always has friends over to play a few games and when he doesn’t feel like being ultra-competitive he likes to set up some dunk competitions where his buddies can truly shine.


Cole Burston/Getty Images

A perfect example of this came recently when Drake posted some videos of himself playing ball on his own court. In the first clip below, you can see Drake drain a shot over someone’s head. It was a pretty impressive maneuver that showcases just how much better Drake is getting at the sport.

In the second clip, Drake was having a bit more fun as he was dropping passed off of his balcony so that other people could get up some dunks. Needless to say, Drake’s house is the perfect venue for the next NBA All-Star Dunk Contest.

If the NBA is smart, they are going to call Drake right away as this would be a truly one-of-a-kind marketing opportunity.