Dallas Airport Shooting Suspect Appears To Get A Response From Chris Brown

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Chris Brown says he has the “craziest stalkers in the world.”

Chris Brown appears to have responded to reports that the suspected Dallas airport shooter, Portia Odufuwa, claimed that she was married to him. The Breezy artist shared a brief message on his Instagram page this morning addressing mental health, which many perceived to be addressed towards Odufuwa.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

“Aye man, I don’t know what’s in my fuckin’ music but we got some of the — I got some of the craziest stalkers in the world,” he said in the video. “Aye, mental health is not something to play with, man. We lookin’ out for y’all.”

Odufuwa’s currently hospitalized after being shot by police for firing a gun in the Dallas airport. Shortly after, it was revealed that she was previously found unfit to stand trial in a misdemeanor case in 2021 for pulling a fire alarm. The reports claim that she once referred to herself as “God’s prophet,” and told officers during questioning that she wouldn’t speak until she spoke to her husband, who she claimed was Chris Brown. In that same case, she also gave the police Chris Brown’s home address as her own.

Dallas Police said that Odufuwu’s had a few run-ins with the laws over the past few years, aside from last year’s misdemeanor trial and the recent shooting.

We’ll keep you posted on more updates surrounding Portia Odufuwa’s case.