Cardi B Considers Going Vegan After A Bad Stomach Virus

Rich Fury / Getty Images

Cardi B explained why she feels she needs to go vegan on Twitter.

Cardi B says she wants to go vegan after recently dealing with a stomach virus. The Invasion Of Privacy rapper discussed what’s holding her back on Twitter with fans, Sunday.

“I want to go vegan but I love meat.. are vegan meat replacements similar to meat in taste or not really?” Cardi asked her followers on Twitter.

One fan joked about Cardi missing out on seafood: “You willing to let go of the seafood boil you LOVE?? With all that lemon?? Girl….”

Cardi B, Vegan
Rich Fury / Getty Images

The rapper explained that it boils down to an ongoing issue with her digestive system: “I had a stomach virus not so long ago and I feel like my digestive system haven’t been the same. I been drinking probiotics and I don’t see a change much. I be lookin at raw food pages a lot but that will be a huge change for me to do that.”

Cardi also recently provided an update on her highly-anticipated sophomore album, revealing that it will be released in 2022. She says she’s extremely busy at the moment balancing work and family time. She also says she’ll be recording a new movie next year as well.

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