Brett Favre Claims He's Suffered "Thousands" Of Concussions

Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Brett Favre has a newfound knowledge of concussions and their symptoms.

Concussions are a very important topic in the National Football League and for good reason. Concussions can lead to diseases like CTE which directly attack the brain. CTE has led to a lot of deaths in the football world over the years, and these days, players have a lot more information at their disposal when it comes to concussions and how they can be extremely harmful in the long term.

Recently, former NFL superstar Brett Favre spoke about concussions and how his history with the injury is massive. As a guest on the “Bubba Army” radio show, Favre explained how he has actually been subjected to “thousands” of concussions over the course of his career, which is definitely scary.

Brett Favre

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Concussion education is still lacking when it comes to the sports world, and in the eyes of some, it isn’t even all that important. However, upon hearing that Favre has had thousands of concussions, some might open up to the idea of learning more.

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