Bow Wow Embraces Fatherhood As Daughter Masters "Let Me Hold You" Dance

Bow Wow’s daughter stays trolling her dad.

Despite what people say, Bow Wow is a legend in his own right. Came up under the wing some hip-hop greats into a child star that eventually transformed into a successful talk show host and reality star. Though he has had plenty ups in his careers, it’s hard to ignore the many meme-worthy moments he’s given us. The Bow Wow challenge, for instance, became an internet sensation. 50 Cent trolled Shad Moss for allegedly pocketing ones in the strip club.

The list really does go on but course, one the greatest moments was his little dance move in the “Let Me Hold You” music video. It’s a meme that’s lived on through the years and it’s proven to be inescapable in his life. Just a few days ago, the television personality was on IG Live when his daughter trolled him by recreating the meme. “Ya done for the day,” Bow Wow said unimpressed with his daughter’s moves.

It looks like he’s embraced it since. He was on Live, once again, when his daughter hit the cue to do the robotic hug while his back was turned. Though she was slick in doing it, the commenters in the IG Live started busting the crying emojis. Bow Wow started pushing her to do the dance with the beat before reflecting on the joys fatherhood.

“It ain’t nothin’ like havin’ kids, right? And like, they catch on to, like, what you’ve done or — you know what I mean? They just inherit it,” Bow Wow said.

Check the clip below.