Anthony Davis Reacts To Bad Loss To The Thunder

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Lakers’ start has been less than ideal.

This NBA season has gotten off to a rough start if you are the Los Angeles Lakers. After falling 0-2 after the first two games, the Lakers were able to get back on track and even won two games in a row, despite an injury to LeBron James. Last night, the Lakers had an opportunity to finally get above .500, and they were given the perfect opponent to do this against: the Oklahoma City Thunder.

In the end, however, the Lakers fell short as they lost despite a 30-point performance from Anthony Davis and a triple-double from Russell Westbrook. After the game, the Lakers were rightfully upset about the loss, especially AD, who said very little about the whole thing. In his brief statement, Davis made sure to let it be known that the team needs to be better.

Anthony Davis

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“It’s a game that we’re definitely supposed to win,” Davis said. “We’re not supposed to lose at all. But we’ll learn from it and move forward.” The Thunder are not a particularly good team, and this is a game that the Lakers should have won without question. Having said that, they will now need to figure things out as LeBron continues to nurse his ankle.

The Lakers still have the pieces to be great, but so far, they have had trouble truly bringing it all together. Luckily, they still have 77 more games to figure it out.