YK Osiris Denies Posting Controversial Message About PnB Rock's Death

Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images

The “Worth It” singer said that someone else posted a story saying he wished he would’ve died instead of PnB Rock.

After it was reported that Philadelphia rapper PnB Rock was tragically shot and passed away in a Los Angeles restaurant, there has been no shortage of prayers and tributes on social media. In such a sensitive time, many social media users reacted to a tribute post on rapper YK Osiris’s Instagram story with shock and disapproval. The 24-year-old rapper and singer posted, “GOD why take him? Should’ve took me he didn’t deserve that at all. He was too good of a dude!”

Many were confused by YK’s comments, and even more people were critical of its sentiment or delivery. However, it was quickly deleted, and YK Osiris explained to The Shade Room that someone with access to his account posted the message to his story for clout.

“It’s sad for real I wouldn’t even talk like that,” the Florida native told TSR. “I don’t play like that at all.”

YK Osiris has since posted another tribute message to PnB Rock on his story. “Man I swear I never cry, but this one got me bad fr,” he wrote. “Got me weak, barely can think smh. R.I.P. PnB Rock damn.”

While this was allegedly a mistake, the mourning of PnB Rock was also disrespectfully tainted by 6ix9ine, who also posted an insensitive message on his Instagram story. Fans are furious about the trolling, so it’s understandable that YK caught his fair share of heat on Twitter for his first post as well.

Regardless of whether Osiris’s original post was from him or a clout-chaser, it’s disheartening to see people tarnish the memory of a rapper whose time was cut short.