Yella Beezy Says Says His Granny Got Scammed Buying Him A Gucci Belt & Watch For Christmas

Jason Koerner/Getty Images

“My granny was just tryna buy her baby something for Christmas,” the 30-year-old revealed on Instagram.

While Jayda Cheaves, Gucci Mane, and Jordyn Woods all got larger-than-life, expensive gifts from their loved ones this year, Yella Beezy got handed a fake Gucci belt and watch from his poor, sweet grandmother, who apparently didn’t know any better when trying to splurge on something a little extra for her family this holiday season.

The rapper took to Instagram to explain the situation, posting a close-up photo of the presents and writing, “my granny was just tryna buy her baby some for Christmas and they janked her lol.” He went on to say, “that’s alright because I’m still wearing them so if y’all see me out tonight just know I got on my double Gs [for] my ‘granny gift’ with 30k in my pockets.”

“I told her you can’t be buying stuff from [people] out the nail shop, you have to go to the actual designer store to get this type [of] stuff. But [I don’t care] I’m GRATEFUL and love you to the moon and bacc. It’s the thought that matters… Merry Christmas,” the Texas native concluded his hilarious caption.

He also told readers, “whoever sold my granny this fake Gucci belt and watch count your f*cking days” before adding a crying laughing emoji and a clenched fist. In the subsequent photos, he can be seen rocking the items in question, paired with a white Yale hoodie, a flashy chain, some dark bottoms, and fresh white kicks.

Elsewhere in the news, Beezy has been making headlines after taking some seriously hot oil to the face during a cooking incident. You can read more about that here, and be sure to let us know your thoughts on the “Down South” recording artist’s gift from his granny below.