XXXTentacion & His Son Gekyume Look Identical In New Photos

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Gekyume has the same eyes as his dad XXXTENTACION.

Three years ago, Florida rapper XXXTENTACION was murdered during a failed robbery. The recording artist was shopping at a motorsports store and when he exited, four men blocked his exit with their car, attempting to rob him of a Louis Vuitton bag that was filled with cash. When XXX reportedly refused to hand over the money, he was fatally shot. 

XXXTENTACION remains one of the most influential artists of his generation, hitting a billion streams on a few of his songs, including “SAD!,” which was just certified diamond the other day. As his music keeps on inspiring people, fans are pointing out the similarities between XXX and his son, Gekyume, who was born several months following the rapper’s death.

Posting new photos of Gek, XXXTENTACION’s ex-girlfriend Jenesis Sanchez wrote, “Big $teppin in his @musebypablo.” In the pictures, he wears a memorial chain around his neck for his father, who he never got to meet. Fans are tripping out over how they look the same, especially in his eyes. XXX had small eyes, which was a distinctive quality for him. It seems Gekyume has adopted his beady eyes, with fans remarking anew that the two look like twins.

This isn’t the first time that people freak out about XXXTENTACION’s son looking just like him — plenty of times now, fans have commented on Gek’s photos, reminding the family that he shares significant facial similarities with his father.

Check out some new photos of Gekyume below and let us know if you think he looks like his dad.