Wack 100 Slams Chrisean Rock Amid Blueface Fight: "Hygiene Bad, Attitude Bad"

Johnny Nunez / Contributor / Getty Images

Meanwhile, Chrisean claims that Blueface only took her on as an artist because he’s locked into a contract with Wack and is in debt.

The drama involving Blueface, his manager Wack 100, and aspiring rapper Chrisean Rock has played out this week like a social media soap opera. Chrisean is no longer one of Blueface’s artists, but the two have had a close relationship since she was featured as one of his boxing girls on his reality show hosted in his home. However, all of that came to a screeching halt once Chrisean allegedly broke windows at the residence Blueface set her up in and later had an incident that required police to get involved.

In clips shared online, Wack and Blueface are seen telling police that they wanted Chrisean removed from the premises. Both Blueface and Chrisean would surface with their sides of the story, but after Wack also chimed in, Chrisean promised to spill the tea on what was really happening behind the scenes.

“I told the girl day 1 she was a waste of time!” Wack wrote on his Instagram Story. “Hygiene bad attitude bad music bad #allbad #yagottago #getout [trashemojis] this ain’t how Baltimore get down.” Chrisean responded by calling out Wack, saying that Blueface only brought her on to help pay the debt that he has with his manager.

Chrisean claims that Blueface is locked into a bad contract and has no way out and added that he lied in his video about how things went down during their fight. She also insists she didn’t sign contracts with anyone and that’s why Wack 100 is truly upset. Once again, it’s a lot to piece together, so check it out below.