Wack 100 Says Birdman Wasn't Pleased With 6ix9ine Sit-Down

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It would appear that Wack 100’s sit-down conversation with 6ix9ine ruffled the Birdman’s feathers.

Wack 100 has never been one to back down from a confrontation. In fact, he’s even ready and willing to make it physical, should someone attempt to push him down that path. And given how unapologetically he tends to move through the industry — look no further than his current handling of the alleged Kim Kardashian sex tape — Wack has found himself looking at a fair number of burnt bridges.

For the most part, he doesn’t seem fazed in the slightest. So much so that he actually did what few hip-hop personalities would do — sit down with Tekashi 6ix9ine, one of the most controversial names in the game’s periphery.

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While Wack and Akademiks’ notorious conversation with 6ix9ine certainly led to no shortage of headlines, it also left some of his industry peers displeased. As Wack explains during an interview with Bootleg Kev, Cash Money mogul Birdman was among those who didn’t care for the sit-down. 

“I’m pretty sure [the interview] cost me a few friends,” says Wack, after Kev inquires about the fallout. “I’m really not bothered by a lot of people cause I’m really a loner type dude. My close friends have called me and got on me. The one that got on me the most was Birdman. I’ma dude to keep it one hundred, ain’t nobody bigger than the politics. That’s my brother. But Birdman, outta everybody, got on my ass. On me.”


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“He told me how dissatisfied he is,” continues Wack. “He told me ‘I love you, you my brother, you know that. We been in the trenches together, but goddamnit, this the way I feel.’ He told me ‘who you are and what you stand for and who you represent is bigger than that.”

Check out Wack’s admission below — do you think Birdman was right to be upset with his friend’s decision to interview one of entertainment’s most divisive figures?