Tyson Fury Teases Retirement After Knocking Out Dillian Whyte

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Tyson Fury keeps winning.

Tyson Fury is considered to be the best heavyweight boxer in the world and he certainly proved that prowess on Saturday night as he took on Dillian Whyte in a title defense bout. In the end, Fury won the match with relative ease as he knocked out Whyte with an uppercut in the sixth round.

For the most part, it was an easy fight for Fury, despite the fact that Whyte had a very solid record coming into the match. Now, fans would love to see Fury go up against the likes of Anthony Joshua or perhaps even Oleksandr Usyk who holds the remaining belts. Unfortunately, it appears as though that might not happen now.

Tyson Fury

Julian Finney/Getty Images

After his fight, Fury got serious about his future, noting that this could be the final fight of his career. He has a family to think of, and boxing continues to be a dangerous sport, even if you’re the best at it.

“I have to be a man of my word, and I think this might be the final curtain for the Gypsy King, and what a way to go out,” Fury said per CNN.

Fighters love to tease their retirements all the time, so perhaps this could just be a bluff. If it isn’t, however, then it will be a sad loss for the heavyweight division.