Tune Of The Month: Sa’ra Charismata – “Hypocrites” (Official Music Video)

Swedish popstar Sa’ra Charismata is far from being anywhere close to the stereotype of a pop star you would imagine. Throughout the years, and since the international success she had with her single “Mushroom,” the singer-songwriter, artist, and activist, has been relentlessly working towards creating a style of pop she classes​ protest-pop. Filled with political and societal statements, Sa’ra Charismata is fully engaged in fulfilling her role as an artist in society, in its essential form. Her latest power anthem is titled “Hypocrites,” and was designed to empower, motivate, and raise the listeners’ confidence to a whole new level. Released independently through her label, Ball N Dress, Charismata has released a music video that portrays her as a true warrior.

If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it down below: