Tommy Fury Divulges On His Desire To Fight Jake Paul

Jason Miller/Getty Images

Tommy Fury missed out on his chance to fight Jake Paul last Saturday.

Tommy Fury was supposed to fight Jake Paul on Saturday, however, he backed out due to a broken rib and a chest infection. Instead, Jake got to fight Tyron Woodley, where he eventually won via sixth round knockout. It was a pretty bad fight for the first five rounds, although in the end, Jake prevailed.

Fury was forced to watch the fight from home, and in a recent interview with “The Unibet Lowdown,” Fury explained what he would have done had he been in the ring. As you can see, he was studying the match very closely.

“I would have been smashing the jabs out there and fold up with the right — he just wouldn’t have been there because it was that bad. It was a bad, terrible fight,” Fury explained.

Tommy Fury

Jason Miller/Getty Images

Fury went on to say that he hopes to be able to return by March of next year. In fact, Fury is dead set on fighting Jake Paul, as he wants to prove to the world that he can defeat the YouTube star.

“I’ll do anything possible to speed up this recovery process because the quicker speed to get better, the quicker I get into the ring and get this fight done,” Fury said. “Everybody wants to see this fight. You wanna proclaim yourself as a boxer. Stop calling out UFC people. Come and fight me.”

It remains to be seen whether or not a fight will happen between Jake and Tommy, so stay tuned to HNHH for any updates.