Tamar Braxton Reveals Close Call With COVID-19: "I'm Low Key Scared"

Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

Tamar Braxton took to Twitter yesterday to reveal what happened when she thought she caught COVID-19.

Nowadays, even the tiniest tickle in your throat will have you in a panic — worried that COVID-19 has chosen you as its next victim, and that’s exactly what happened to Tamar Braxton this week, following a health scare. The “All The Way Home” singer shared her story via Twitter on December 3, revealing she was convinced that she had caught “the Rona.”

“Is there a such thing as a cold or flu anymore?,” she began. “No I’m serious? Did the Rona take that sh*t away too?”

“So, I got sick yesterday. My nose was running, I was sneezing, I had chills, I felt hot then cold… ya know all the omg, wtf this is the Rona signs… really felt worse than what I wanted to say outloud but you get me… I go to work anyway, and when I come back from my office and I go to call my mama… She left and went to Toni,” she explained. “Logan is in his room playing video games and he’s like I’m hungry…mind you I feel HORRIBLE…I’m low key scared that I have the Rona…so I go into my room by myself and Logan says he’s hungry.. I call 5 people to help me.”

“No ONE CAME!!,” she continued. “I called Logan’s father to come and get him. He don’t come in the house to pick him up.. He’s out side. Logan is like ‘dad can you help me get my things?’ His dad said NO.. I’m like wtf??.. so he leaves and I’m home alone STARVING & weak.” She went on to explain that everyone she called on did not want to come near her with a 10-foot pole until she thankfully, tested negative.

“People truly leave you TF alone!,” she concluded. “so WEAR YOUR MASKS and stop playing cause you are going to have to rely on YOU to pull yourself out of this.”

Braxton also clarified in an Instagram comment after receiving some backlash, that her “office” is actually in her backyard, so she wasn’t exposed to any of her colleagues.

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