Styles P Claims "Sneakers Ruined My Life" On Recent Podcast

Jemal Countess/Getty Images for WE tv

Styles P recalls doing the most just to get some shoes.

Known sneakerhead and LOX rapper Styles P recently sat down for an interview on the Full Size Run podcast, and detailed a painful reality being a sneaker collector has brought.

Like many people in the sneaker community, for Styles P, buying shoes and keeping up images had a major influence on his life and maintaining appearances as an entertainer. However, the rapper admits the constant expense was not always the best thing for him, and may have in totality done more harm than good. 

“Sneakers ruined my life,” Styles P said in the middle of the interview. ” I sold crack to be able to get sneakers. To be honest with you. That’s [the reality for] alotta people in the ghetto.”

He explained that growing up, with his mother being old-school and from South Africa, there was only a certain amount of money she’d be willing to spend on materialistic things like sneakers. However, maybe to a fault, it was always his desire to always want to have really “good, dope sneakers”.

Monica Schipper/Getty Images for PUMA

“As an entertainer,” Styles P continued during the interview, “How you dress, how you’re feeling gives you a way [to express yourself]. ‘I’m feeling like this today, I’m expressive’,” he explained. 

An honest reality from the LOX rapper, who acknowledges style is important when keeping up with appearances. Like it’s commonly said, when ‘you look good, you feel good’.

Check out Syles P’s full interview on Full Size Run, below: