St. Louis Couple Insists They Support BLM Despite Pointing Guns At Protesters

St. Louis couple Mark McCloskey and Patricia McCloskey are defending themselves as Black Lives Matter supporters after a recent photo went viral showing them pointing guns at protesters.

For Mark McCloskey and his wife Patricia McCloskey, showing your support for the Black Lives Matter movement actually includes pointing guns at those on the frontline protests. Unfortunately for the now-viral St. Louis couple, their trigger-happy antics are being met with massive waves criticism.   

As reported by outlets like the NY Post, an attorney for The McCloskeys says they consider themselves to be “longtime civil rights activists.” Attorney Albert Watkins assures that photos and video  Mark toting a semi-automatic rifle while Patricia brandishes a silver pistol are actually capturing self defense. The reason they even had guns was allegedly due to being threatened by a handful white protesters, the latter fact supposedly eliminating the idea that their actions were racially-motivated.

Given the fact that protesters in the Sunday march weren’t even concerned with The McCloskeys — they were rallying against St. Louis mayor Lyda Krewson for going on Facebook Live and reading personal info residents who wrote letters in support defunding the police — it seems a bit much to get the strap on those fighting for social justice.

Let us know your opinions on whether Patricia & Mark McCloskey were rightfully defending their neighborhood or going way overboard down below in the comments.

St. Louis Couple Insists They Support BLM Despite Pointing Guns At Protesters
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