Soulja Boy Responds To Ye: "First Rapper To Get An Apology From Kanye West"

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Soulja Boy officially responds to Kanye West, squashing their beef after Ye posted their text messages.

Kanye West has been busy this week trying to repair relationships that he’s damaged over the years, including with Drake and Soulja Boy. He has yet to receive a response from Drake after he tried to put their differences aside to organize a concert to help free Larry Hoover. Soulja Boy, however, was quick to reply to Ye, confirming that they’re back on good terms after the music legend reached out on text and apologized for cutting his verse from DONDA.

After naming Soulja Boy as one of the most influential rappers in terms of where the culture has gone in the last decade, Ye reached out to Big Draco to formally apologize for taking him off his album, which previously angered the rapper.

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“Yo it’s Ye. Love you bro. I should have told you I wasn’t gonna use the verse,” wrote Ye in the text.

“Love you too bro. That’s all I wanted,” responded Soulja.

Shortly after the messages were posted to Ye’s Instagram page, Soulja Boy told his fans that he’s no longer feuding with the Chicago native.

“Me and Ye all good now,” he wrote on Twitter. “I was the first rapper to get an apology from Kanye West.”

He also replied to a joke from internet personality Adin Ross, who asked if the two had “makeup sex.” “I’ll smack u adin,” he wrote back with a laughing emoji.

Do you think Soulja Boy will get a Ye feature in the coming months?