Soulja Boy Preps Kanye West Diss Track After Not Making "DONDA"

Roy Rochlin/Getty Image, Chris McKay/Getty Images

Soulja Boy reveals that Kanye West reached out to him to work on “Remote Control.”

This morning, Kanye West finally arrived with the long-awaited release of DONDA. The album is stacked with collaborations alongside hip-hop giants like Jay-Z, The LOX, and Jay Electronica, as well as new artists like Kaycyy Pluto, Vory, and more. ‘Ye’s known for pulling out all the stops anytime he drops an album and this time was no different but it seems that a few people he reached out initially didn’t end up making the final cut.

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Earlier today, Soulja Boy revealed that he initially submitted a verse for “Remote Control” ft. Young Thug which Kanye approved. Upon the album’s final release, Soulja Boy said that he was caught off guard that he wasn’t included in the project. “Kanye sent me that song “remote control” and I don’t hear my verse on it… hmm fuck that n***a,” he tweeted after a fan asked for his opinion on DONDA.

As usual, he was met with skepticism so, he did what Kanye West would’ve done — provide receipts. Soulja Boy shared screenshots of conversations he’s had with Kanye over the months, asking him to collaborate on both DONDA and the Yeezy x GAP campaign. The screenshots reveal that Ye invited him to Atlanta to work on music as far back as May. Soon after the first listening party, Kanye apparently sent over “Remote Control” with an empty verse that Soulja Boy quickly wrote to and sent back. “Shit craaaaaaazeeeee,” Kanye said in response.

“This n***a Kanye smh. Tell homie dont hit my phone no more,” he wrote before concluding, “That n***a Kanye weird af.”

Fans quickly joked how Soulja Boy might be the first rapper to be rejected by Kanye West, which may or may not have gotten under his skin. He later announced a diss track directed at Kanye. 

“Fuck that my Kanye West diss song finna drop I’m tired of sparing this clown ass n***a,” he wrote in a since-deleted tweet. 

Hopefully, the two end up making up. At this point, Kanye West has been pretty accommodating in including most people who’ve contributed to the album so it wouldn’t be surprised if “Remote Control Pt 2” ends up popping up somewhere.