Sham’s Eclectic Style Evolves And Morphs Into New EP Discoveries

Singer-Songwriter Sham recently released a 5-track EP, Discoveries, a beautiful record ranging from latin, to rock, and pop, and everything in between. With a musical style inspired by a wide range of influences, Sham delivers a brilliant performance in this latest EP, displaying a rare maturity for her age. The young artist does not leave indifferent with her unique voice, and creates restlessly. She was surrounded with music from a very early age, nearly from birth, and her eclectic style continuously evolved and morphed into a wider spectrum of genres over the years, which makes it exciting to see where she’ll sonically be categorized in a couple of years. The beauty of the electro-pop and latin melodies she has crafted on Discoveries paired with her heavenly vocals are the perfect way to convey her messages and emotions to listeners, and bring a little romance in our covid-19 restricted lives. The perfect anti-virus!