Rick Ross Has Genius Marketing Strategy For New Album

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Rick Ross is promoting his new album on Garda trucks across the country.

Have you seen the Rozay Money Truck driving around your city? Ahead of the release of his upcoming new album Richer Than I Ever Been, Florida rap legend Rick Ross has found the perfect way to promote the project, printing his logo and the album’s release date on Garda trucks collecting money from businesses across the country.

While Rozay has famously rapped about stacking his money inside Brinks trucks, it appears as though the iconic rapper has teamed up with Garda, another money-collecting truck service, to promote his new album. 

Michael Reaves/Getty Images

“If you had the opportunity to WIN ONE MILLION DOLLARS.. Would you spend it on your FAMILY, YOURSELF or your COMMUNITY????” asks Ross on Instagram, sharing videos of his Garda trucks driving around. “WHAT WOULD MEAN THE MOST??? DM ME YOUR ANSWER.”

He didn’t clarify if he was going to be sending a million dollars to whoever had his favorite answer, but that does seem to be what he’s implying. Considering his album is titled Richer Than I Ever Been, getting your promotion done on Garda trucks is a pretty clever move.

The album drops in a few days and we’ve already heard a couple of songs from it. Check out the reported tracklist here and let us know what you think about his Garda trucks.