Pop Smoke x Dior May Be A Real Thing

Pop Smoke’s manager Steven Victor has had discussions with Dior to create a new collection for the artist.

To say that Pop Smoke didn’t have an influence on Dior, at least in the hip-hop community, would be a lie. The late rapper’s hit single, “Dior,” has been booming in the streets for the last year and, several months after his tragic passing, it remains his most popular song. Prior to its release, Dior wasn’t exactly struggling but, as far as hip-hop goes, not many artists were name-dropping the luxury brand.

It would make complete sense for Pop Smoke to collaborate with Dior. If he were still with us, that would have been something he’d be open to, suggests Steven Victor, his manager. Still, his team is being extremely selective about everything they attach his name to. With that in mind, it looks like Dior x Pop Smoke could be coming in the next year.

Pop Smoke x Dior May Be A Real Thing
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This year, Pop’s team celebrated the late star’s birthday by dropping the deluxe edition his album Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon. Next year, it’s possible that a capsule collection with Dior could drop.

“I would take it in stride super early on and thought let’s focus on the music first and once you’re stable as an artist then let’s dabble,” said Steven Victor about Pop’s interest in fashion. “He would always talk about fashion. I thought he was just saying it because it was cool for rappers to say. Then over the months I realized he did have his own sense style.”

As for any possible collaborations with Dior, Victor is in discussions with the brand. 

Pop Smoke x Dior May Be A Real Thing
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“You can’t say that Pop didn’t have some sort influence on Dior, especially in the urban community,” he said. “I’m going to see Dior men’s artistic director Kim Jones] and talk to him about that on some level. Maybe next year for Pop’s birthday.”

Would you be down for that?