NLE Choppa Clarifies Claims That He Cured Cancer

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

NLE Choppa denies ever saying that he cured cancer.

NLE Choppa has finally addressed the controversial tweet claiming that he helped cure someone of cancer. “Wow man just was informed I helped cure someone from cancer. This Major To Me,” he wrote in June 2021, causing a flurry of questions and criticisms.

Last week, Vlad finally sat down with NLE Choppa to put their beef to rest while also allowing the rapper an opportunity to clarify a few things to the public, including the cancer claim. Though Vlad previously referred to him as a “snake oil salesman,” Choppa clarified that he never claimed responsibility for curing cancer directly.

“I said I helped someone,” said NLE Choppa. “I’d be lying if I said I got patients in my house and I’m just treating them. I don’t have the time for that. The only thing I can do is be a messenger and provide you with something that I’m blessed with – my energy… As long as you have good intentions, you pray over these things, you talk to them, and you give it to people with the right intentions and they use it and they hear you out consistently with the things that they do within themselves every day, you can help someone. You can help save a life.”

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The claim comes shortly after he publicly reached out to Justin Bieber in an attempt to help him with his Ramsay Hunt diagnosis. “I tried to have my label dm Justin Bieber on instagram idk if it was sent out because I don’t run it but can y’all please do me a favor and let him know I have what can help I promise. I just want to help and heal,” he wrote.

Check out the clip below.